BHTA Tourism Awards Lunch

BHTA Tourism Awards Lunch

The 2016 BHTA Award winners are...

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Bernice Critchlow-Earle

Bernice Crichlow-Earle held the Barbados Community College Division of Hospitality Studies for an impressive 34 years during which time she has been involved in many major developmental changes in the Division of Hospitality Studies at home in Barbados in across the region. These have included the:

  • upgrading of the Division into the Hospitality Institute
  • articulation with the University of the West Indies and other Universities and Colleges
  • development of the All Saints’ Unit in St Peter
  • the establishment of the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute.
  • assisting the Government of Anguilla with the development of their Hospitality Institute. 

Her stellar work in the development of tourism and hospitality has not gone unrewarded. 

  • In 1999 she received the Tony Mack Award from the Caribbean Hotel Association for her contribution to Regional Tourism Development
  • In 2003 when she was the recipient of the Inaugural Minister of Tourism Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Achievement, loyalty and dedication to the development of Tourism in Barbados.
  • In November 2006 she was awarded the Silver Crown of Merit for her contribution to the development of Tourism and Education in Barbados. 

A consultant in the area of Hospitality and Tourism she has worked with organizations and agencies who have sought her services in this capacity on a variety of occasions, including the Caribbean Development Bank, the Canadian International Development Agency and the Organization of American States. 

Bernice Critchlow-Earle has decided to retire this year, leaving behind a stellar legacy as a Caribbean educator.  Her drive, passion and innovation is unmatched, and although it is often said that there is no irreplaceable man, Bernice Critchlow-Earle is indeed an irreplaceable woman. 

The task of an excellent educator is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to achieve extraordinary effort.  Bernice Critchlow-Earle made a lifetime achievement of doing just that, and the proof of her efforts permeate the very essence of the Barbados tourism industry.  And for that, for that stellar contribution, we present to you, the 2016 BHTA Chairman’s Lifetime Achievement Award – Mrs. Bernice Critchlow-Earle. 


The Sandpiper Hotel       

The Sandpiper Hotel is without a doubt, one of the most exclusive hotels on the West coast of Barbados, attributed largely to the exceptional meticulous attention to detail that is delivered with world class excellence, while maintaining the unique relax effort of the Caribbean.  A member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World brand, The Sandpiper is also the 2015 winner of the World Travel Awards “Barbados Leading Hotel Award”.   Highly committed to people development, both internally and within the community, The Sandpiper is also an ardent supporter of the Association and the marketing and development initiatives for Barbados, repeatedly demonstrating their commitment to the growth and development of our tourism industry.


Ocean Two Resort & Residences

This outstanding property is one of the shining jewels in the Barbados accommodation crown. This 4 Diamond property offers a level of service that is second to none, a hotel plant that features phenomenal design attributes, and an enviable commitment to strong environmental practices and staff development and incentives.  Ocean Two Resorts and Residences is truly deserving of the enviable international ratings they enjoy.  They remarkable support for various initiatives aimed at marketing Barbados as a destination is beyond reproach.   They are a strong supporter of the Association and the development of our tourism sector, and their continual innovation and creative vision has placed them among industry leaders. 


St. Nicholas Abbey

St. Nicholas Abbey is a beacon of love and attention to detail in the revitalisation and restoration of a historic landmark.  The Warren family took what was a simple tour of a house with a 350 year history, and reimagined it to create an experiential journey into the plantation history of Barbados; telling the vivid story of our sugar and rum heritage; sharing images of the past, a taste of the present and promises of the future.

Located in iconic Cherry Tree Hill, St. Peter, St. Nicholas Abbey was purchased to ensure its preservation for future generations of Barbadians and visitors on our island. The owners believe that our architectural heritage is part of who we are as a people.  This beautiful attraction is a perfect example of the strength of heritage tourism as an important niche for Barbados and the attribute of excellence pervades all elements of the Nicholas Abbey Experience.


Atlantis Submarines (Barbados) Inc.

An active member of the BHTA, and a strong strategic partner, Atlantis continually supports many marketing and product development initiatives, and is truly an example of excellence, focusing on the quality of service delivery, strong environmental responsibilities, having gained their Green Globe status and outstanding HR development practices.  One of the most dynamic companies on the island and one of the leading companies in innovative marketing, Atlantis remains a committed supporter of the Barbados tourism sector.   They have transformed the way touristic activities are operated using a combination of stringent attention to detail and excellence in the delivery of a wonderful and a superb “story telling” experience, while paying abundant attention to safety on board their vessels, to gain the level of confidence they now enjoy from public clients and tourists alike. 


Tapas Restaurant

Location is everything and Tapas certainly has one of the most perfect locations on the South Coast Boardwalk with the most magnificent view of the ocean.  Tapas goes beyond what its name suggests, to offer one of the most complete dining experiences on the island, with attentions to detail pervasive from the Bar to the kitchen to the stellar service provided.  Tapas an experience that is a shining example of world class excellence.  A combination of fresh locally grown ingredients with international flair, coupled with practices that are health wise, environmentally sustainable and facilitating “hands on farm to table” experiences for customers. Tapas Restaurant today is one of the most internationally recognised restaurants on the island and a factual benchmark for tourism industry standards. 

STAYCATION BARBADOS AWARD                                                         

Mango Bay Hotel

Mango Bay Hotel on the west coast of Barbados offers an intimate all-inclusive experience that has captured the hearts of visitors and locals alike. Nestled in a quaint alcove in 2nd Street Holetown a visit to Mango Bay Hotel is like arriving at an exclusive private villa.  With well-appointed rooms, excellent service and  welcoming staff, this all inclusive option offers locals seeking a staycation experience a value for money vacation where all their needs are taken care of for one affordable price.   Elite Staycationers voted the property best value for money, stating that it was luxury at an all-inclusive rate.  


Heather Hinds – The Club Barbados

Heather Hinds is a cook at the Club Barbados Resort and Spa. A veteran in the hotel industry, she has worked at this property for over thirty years. This Tourism Champion is a committed and dedicated employee, whose main focus has always been to “look after her guests”.  In her quest to achieve this goal, Heather has an impeccable attendance record, recording perfect attendance for the thirty years that she has worked in the Hotel industry.  She is often named as “The Queen of the Grill” as her main duties takes her out front on the Buffet Table, where she takes tremendous pride in preparing breakfast and lunch items for her many guests.  Heather is an outstanding ambassador, for her hotel and for Barbados.
Read more about Heather in her feature in the Nations Newspaper! 
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David Mapp – Divi Southwinds

David Mapp has been employed with Divi Southwinds and Heritage Resorts for the past 24 years. He has been an outstanding supervisor since 2007 and has been recognised for his excellent leadership skills exhibited within his department and across the organisation as a whole. He settles for nothing less than excellence and daily assists and encourages his team to always put their best foot forward and do what is required according to the company’s standards. He always stressed his infamous quote:” We will make it happen; The Customer is King”.  Whenever a customer is upset, David always takes negative situation and turns it into positive interactions, which often forms lasting customer relationships.  David is a shining example of a true Tourism Champion.


Nyree Lovell – Bellevue House

Nyree Lovell has been working at Bellvue House for the past two years as Housekeeper.   She literally exuded her love and passion for her job and for Bellevue, ensuring that her guests have memorable vacation experiences.   Nyree manages the duties within the house with expert precision, making sure she knows everything she needs to know about her guests to ensure that they are comfortable.   She strives to give her guests a home away from home feeling and truly enjoys her interaction with each visitor to our island.  Nyree also helps to manage the house when Bellevue hosts private events and often goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that all goes well.  She is described as a warm, kind, gem of a person, very committed to her job, an excellent employee, and many more.  But overall, Nyree Lovell considers herself to be an ambassador of Barbados.


Nicholas Rose – #1 Bajan Bus

Nicholas Rose has been in the tourism business in Barbados for the past 15 years. Nick Joined the Attractions of Barbados in 2013 to activate the Bajan Bus Project – Open Buses, with a 60-year old open bus and the right attitude.  He started from Day 1 as receptionist, tour guide, bus cleaner, and rum punch mixer, music provider, singer, mechanic and Supervisor.   Within a few months he added a second bus was added to fleet.   By then he had more staff.   Nicholas has a passion, commitment and the willingness to help the business grow.   With these attributes, he captured the hearts of his guests and his team.  Nicholas is true Tourism Champion and an unwavering ambassador for Barbados.

Read more about Nicholas' journey in to Direct Tourism Services Supervisor of the Year! 


Clifton Nicola Parravicino

Nick Parravicino is truly a living legend and a national treasure.  A pioneer in the Barbados real estate industry, Mr. Nick (as he is affectionately known) and his wife Shelia, acquired Realtors Ltd. in 1954.  He has played a pivotal role in the development of Barbados West Coast as the gold coast of Barbados, and in the development and growth of the luxury villa market on the island.  His contribution and commitment to the Barbados tourism industry, and the journey his outstanding life has taken and the wonderful people he has met, are aptly captured in a riveting autobiography of himself entitled simply “Nick’s Life”.   Clifton Nicola Parravicino, born in 1931, is still today an active Tourism Ambassador for Barbados.  He can be found in his office every day, actively involved in running the family businesses. Stalwart – reliable, loyal, faithful, committed, devoted – Nick Parravicino. 


Kevin Payne, Nico Hutson, Joseph Grazette, Jabarry Worrell

In a world where often people put self ahead of others, it is always considered remarkable when someone decides to put their own life at risk to assist a complete stranger.  That sense of duty, that act of kindness that happens without hesitation should never go unrecognised or unrewarded.  And so today, we want to honour four amazing heroes.  Four young men, who by their living did credit to their nation.

On January 11th, 2016, Kevin Payne, Nico Hutson, Joseph Grazette and Jabarry Worrell, all employees of Naru Restaurant on the south coast boardwalk, rushed to the aid of two female British visitors who were being attacked.  They not only saved the ladies, but gave chase to the attacker and were able to apprehend him and recover the items he had taken from the visitors.   While Kevin first raised the alarm and began the pursuit, Nico, Joseph and Jabarry quickly jumped into action.  When asked about their bravery, the four unassuming heroes simply indicated that they were happy to assist.

On that day, they were not only heroes to those two visitors, but to the entire nation that depends on the tourism industry.   Their remarkable courage and selflessness is an example for others to follow.  In the words of Dr. Ralph Gonsalves “You are magnificent young Caribbean men!”


Tourism Development Corporation

The Tourism Development Corporation is one of the BHTA’s most valuable Strategic Partners and has been since its inception in 1978.  TDC works in close collaboration with industry stakeholders to respond promptly to the industry’s needs. Their role as a financial contributor to the overall development of the island’s tourism industry is also recognised and supported by the Government of Barbados.   Without the partnership of the TDC many marketing and product development initiatives initiated by the BHTA would not have been possible.  The strategic partnership with the TDC allows the BHTA to take action in key areas that impact significantly in our tourism industry.  Today we honour that partnership. 

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