New regulations coming for tourist accommodations
Published on September 12, 2016

New regulations are also being drafted for the restaurant sector.

The Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) and the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA) are working hand-in-hand to ensure that as visitors continue to flock to the island they are given a high-quality experience.

A press conference held on Thursday by the BTMI revealed that the first quarter destination performance for Barbados is on track to reach record numbers by year end.

Chief Executive Officer of the BTPA, Dr. Kerry Hall, said new tourist accommodations regulations have been drafted fo as the tourism industry has evolved tremendously and the BTPA wants to ensure that all within the  sector are all held to the same standards.

“What we have done in the last six months is develop new tourism regulations for some of the major sectors. The previous regulations only regulated the hotels, guest houses and apartments. The industry has evolved so much we now created regulations that involve villas, guest houses, holiday retreats and hotels with marinas or golf courses. We are about to take it out the stakeholders to have the focus groups and send it to Cabinet to be legislated.”

Hall also said new regulations are being drafted for the restaurant sector and the BTPA will be working closely with the Ministry of Health to train and educate workers in proper procedures for restaurant service.

She said the BTPA will continue to focus on developing new strategies for Barbados’ product offering through heritage and culinary tourism and a new focus of the BTPA, referred to as ‘breezin’. With the breezin' experience visitors will be treated to local experiences including rum shop tours, cookouts and town walks. She said research by the BTPA has shown visitors want to mix as much as possible with local people and culture.

“We want to develop an inclusive industry where Barbadian people see themselves reflected in Barbados tourism. We want them to be involved because once involved there will become a more gracious host and tourism will be seen as an industry where everyone can benefit.”

In the area of product enhancement, Dr. Hall also touched on the ‘Clean Bim’ project that was launched earlier this year as visitors have been voicing concerns about the cleanliness of the island.  

Source: Loop Barbados