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The Barbados Tourism Master Plan 2014 - 2023

The Barbados Tourism Master Plan 2014-2023 (TMP) was prepared in response to the objectives described in the Terms of Reference as provided by the Government of Barbados and comprises 6 separate reports as follows:

I – The Master Plan
II – The Environment
      Physical Environment
      Stewardship and Sustainable Tourism
III – People and Organizations
      Human Resource Development
      Social Impacts
      Institutional Strengthening
      Tourism Awareness
      Youth in Tourism
      Safety and Security
      Tourism Policy and Legislation
IV – Our Visitors and the Barbados Visitor Economy
      Marketing, ICTs and New Media
      Visitor Markets Research and Visitor Research Management
      Tourism Economics and Financing
V – Services, Infrastructure and Products
      Transportation (Ground, Airlift, Cruise, Sailing/Yachting/Ferries)
      Accommodation Sector
      Niche Markets
VI – Cultural Heritage and Attractions
      Development of New Attractions
      Existing Sites and Attractions
      Historic Bridgetown and Its Garrison

Report I contains the background and situation analysis regarding the current state of the tourism industry in Barbados, as well as an examination of where the nation should progress over the next decade. This information was used as a basis for developing the TMP Implementation Plan, which is comprised of strategic imperatives, strategies and priority actions that were guided by research, stakeholder consultations, and workshops. Each of the strategic imperatives is to be accomplished through the achievement of their corresponding strategies, which in turn are to be realized through a range of actions that are detailed with information on lead agencies, budgets, targets and outcomes.

Reports II through VI provide detailed descriptions of over 30 distinct, tourism-related subject areas, including those presented in the Terms of Reference, with recommended strategies and actions pertaining to each area. The priority actions presented in Report I are also found within their specific subject areas in Reports II through VI, where they are more broadly described, along with additional recommended actions. Linkages between subject areas are highlighted where relevant to establish a well-integrated TMP that has been designed to propel the Barbados tourism sector into the next decade.

Download Reports
Report I

Report II
Report III
Report IV
Report V - Part 1
Report V - Part 2
Report VI - Part 1
Report VI - Part 2


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