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Member Feature: G4S Secure Solutions (Barbados) Ltd
Published on November 30, 2017


G4S Secure Solutions (Barbados) Ltd. is part of a global brand which provides integrated security solutions across the world. G4S’ global industry standards and expertise are applied to the execution of the services and solutions provided. The businesses are based on a strong foundation built on sound Operations Management, Finance, Human Resources and Relationship Management. G4S Barbados has been operating in Barbados for over 40 years over 10 years as G4S Barbados.


Our Values are the standards we set for ourselves and the culture of the organisation is the way those values are reflected in our behaviours and actions
Being a service business, people are at the heart of our business. We rely on them to provide excellent customer service and to behave in line with the company’s values and standards. They rely on the company to provide a safe place to work and for development, support and guidance throughout their career.


At Group level, the company operates in three key sectors: Security Services (including Manned Security and Justice Services), Security Systems and Cash Services, Security Training.  In Barbados, we offer all except Justice Services.  We provide services to public, private and corporate customers.  Our reputation for quality in the guarding sector is based both on our extensive employee screening processes, the high level of training provided, our strong policies procedures and processes and our robust approach to management and supervision.

G4S draws on our global experience of working with public organisations to secure sites and key assets. As a leading supplier of security solutions to this sector across the world, we understand the immense pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, while ensuring that customers are being well served.  With this extensive experience of working with the world’s leading organisations, our customers trust us as a key partner with the expertise and resources to secure their assets, customers and employees.



G4S Secure Solutions (Barbados) Ltd. understands the sector and we are able to draw on our expertise, our proven capabilities in assessing and mitigating risk to deliver effective, comprehensive security solutions. Our experience has taught us that the key to realising wider benefits for our clients lies in taking a more complete view and developing comprehensive solutions that achieve long-term results. This is crucial to the future of any institution.

A safe and secure environment is essential for the true enjoyment of leisure and recreation time. However in a world of diverse and increasing risk, the creation and maintenance of such environment is a complex challenge.

Our extensive experience of operating hotels and tourism attractions means we always take into account the bigger picture while understanding the complex interdependence of the dynamic sector.

For our hospitality clients our solutions provide better security reduced cost and increase revenue generating opportunities. And for their guest that means improved experiences and the change to enjoy their leisure and recreation in a safe and d more secure environments.

We provide security solutions in

  • Manned Security: Event Security, Aviation Security. Patrol and response, Key holding, Risk Prevention training.
  • Cash Solution: Cash In Transit, ATM replenishment and Bank processing
  • Electronic Security  Intruder system, CCTV , access control, ticketing systems, Fire systems


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