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Published on November 22, 2017

CHAIRMAN Roseanne Myers has urged the award winning Barbados Culinary Team to take their skills beyond the Caribbean.

Speaking at a prize-giving ceremony to reward members of the 2017 team for their outstanding performance at this year’s Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association`s (CHTA) Taste of the Caribbean, Myers said, “We have done it. We won the top prize at Taste of the Caribbean but that is not all we can achieve.

“We now have to set some objectives including working towards having a top Barbadian Chef at top resorts in every part of the world. I do not believe being a top Chef in Barbados is enough. I think that you now have to carry that Barbados flag far afield. Go out there, develop your craft even more and, after a few years, return to Barbados and share the experiences and skills you gained.

“Taste has always been seen as a developmental exercise by the BHTA. So I will not say that the Barbados Team has outlived its time there. My expectation is that you will do better next year than you did this year. You are never better than when you are challenged and that is why competition is good but we cannot get complacent at this stage. Yes we are now the best of the best in the Caribbean but we need to look past the Caribbean.”

Myers added that over the next few months the BHTA will seek to develop strategic objectives for Culinary Arts in Barbados, “We will focus on creativity and skill but also on attracting persons to the field. We have to look at ways to ensure that every young Barbadian coming through the school system understands that being a chef is not only about cooking but that it is also about management and many other skills. We also have to look at females in the profession – why are the numbers so low? What can we do to attract more females to this field and bring some gender balance?

“We also have to include our wait staff and focus on how our meals are served. The waiter/waitress is very important to the overall experience and must be able to give information about the dishes they are serving. It all goes together. So our strategic plan has to look at developing all the aspects that go together with a fabulously prepared meal.”

Myers went on to pay tribute to the many sponsors and supporters of the team, “I want to say a special thank-you to all those involved. From the food suppliers - we have many who have been with us for years - to those on the ground in Miami who make things happen.

“There are also those who provide funds to purchase the necessary equipment for the team. As Chef Butcher has said - we can be more efficient if we are better equipped. We can really be top-of-the-line if the team is exposed to all the equipment that is available. So we have to determine what is needed as early as possible for next year`s Taste and any other Team activity going forward. This way we are prepared not only with our skills, but with our equipment also. We have to make sure that we have the funds to make this happen.” 


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