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Published on August 25, 2017

IN OUR ongoing commitment to provide relevant training for our membership, the   BHTA recently partnered with the United States (US) Embassy, the American Chamber of Commerce and the Overseas Security Advisory Council to host a one-day programme on crime in the sector.

Over 500 BHTA members attended the session titled ‘Crimes that Affect the Tourism Industry’, which included presentations by three US law enforcement agencies – the Diplomatic Security Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Secret Service.

CEO Rudy Grant applauded the initiative and said: “It is a pleasure for the BHTA to partner with the US Embassy and its law enforcement agencies to provide training which focuses on areas such as Identifying Imposters & Fraudulent Documents, Human Trafficking, ATM Skimming, Business Cyber Compromise, Identifying Counterfeit US Currency and Credit Card Fraud.

“We, in this part of the world, prepare for natural disasters but it is also critical that we prepare for this new wave of criminal activity which is taking place across the globe. This type of criminal activity impacts on our economic growth and development. It impacts on our efficiency and effectiveness in the operation of our businesses and it also impacts on the productivity of our businesses.”

US Ambassador for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Her Excellency Linda Taglialatella, in her address to participants said it was easy to see why a record number of tourists visited Barbados last year, as the island is full of picturesque beaches, amazing restaurants, beautiful hotels and  wonderful people.  

“But just as the beaches and hotels are attractive to tourists, the money tourism brings to Barbados attracts criminals.  In this age of globalization it has become much easier for criminals from around the world to exploit soft targets like the tourism industry for their own personal gain.  The advent of the internet, online financial transactions and e-commerce now make it possible for people to commit crimes in Barbados without ever having to travel here.”

Ambassador Taglialatella added that the United States and Barbados have a shared interest in protecting the tourism industry from these criminal elements, “Tourism is a key pillar of Barbados’ economy – it creates jobs and provides revenue for the government. The United States is committed to fostering a strong and healthy economy in Barbados because a robust economy is one of the foundations of a robust democracy.   

“We hope the information provided today will raise your awareness of the types of crimes that most commonly target the tourism industry and give you tools to combat these crimes. The United States looks forward to building on our partnership to ensure Barbados remains a world class tourist destination for many, many years to come.”


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