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Chairman's Message
Published on January 30, 2017

Dear Members,
The Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) has a big birthday looming – Sixty-Five (65) years.
As we look back at 2016 and look forward to the New Year 2017, we are grateful for our many blessings and at the same time, thoughtful. Time can be measured one customer at a time in this very busy hospitality business. Even though we are always mindful of the challenges we face, if we are truthful, we will acknowledge the joy of making others happy and being continually blessed and fortunate to be an integral part of such a vibrant and well respected tourism product and private sector association here in Barbados.

In 2016, the members of the BHTA remained focused in their efforts to maintain individual and collective market share while upgrading their products and interacting very positively with the travel trade. We must be congratulated for the number of room nights, dinners, tours and services offered up free of cost, to promote this island and yes, our enterprises, waiting on no one to help us but rather, recognizing the critical role played by, and embracing the opportunity to work seamlessly with, public sector entities.

Thank you for fostering a productive spirit of cooperation. We have proven time and time again that no issue is too great to solve if we continue to keep our communication channels open.

Moving Forward:
What does the BHTA stand for besides the literal Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association? What was our focus for 2016 and what will it be for 2017? A few thoughts as we reflect and project.
B - Barbados first, ever and always we embark on our strategies to promote our individual businesses, motivate staff, wow guests and enhance our community. Our focus has to be on making the destination one of the best in the world in which to live, work and play. That platform is one on which the BHTA actors will and have performed. At the BHTA, we have work to do.
The hashtags ##wehaveworktodo I think were deliberate

H – Happiness is the major product that we sell each day. We ourselves must strive to be happy and thankful for our many blessings and to keep all tourism practitioners at all levels feeling happy and blessed to work in the sector. Issues and problems will come and we will face them together but we cannot let employee morale fall. Happiness sells, happiness shows on our faces, happy persons work harder and do better. We have to start our own human resources, sell them the happiness we hope they can deliver. At the BHTA, we have work to do.

T – Tourism is represented in its widest sense in the association. The three (300) plus members are very important and span the widest gamut of the enterprises operating in Barbados. We know that together we are stronger and more effective at making our voices heard and our positive contribution felt. We have work to do to remain relevant to all parties in the sector and commit to doing so with hard data, clear plans and collective resources. At the BHTA, we have work to do.

A – The opportunities that the association itself brings are often taken for granted. So the A stands for ‘Associate’ which is the key to our success. If you are looking for solutions to issues you are facing in the sector, come out to meetings for your category where like minds, discussing like challenges can put heads together and seek solutions or outside resources to help. Are you taking full advantage of the body of knowledge with the association ? At the BHTA, we have work to do.

The BHTA takes the opportunity to wish members, their staff, stakeholders, social partners, guests and all communities across the island, all the best of health and happiness for 2017.

We wish all our members great success as we know the island is depending on our best efforts and we strive for renewed focus to ensure we leave only speaking about the issues behind and resolve to implement solutions with vigour in the 2017.

Yes, we have lots of work to do and will have great fun doing it.


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