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Tourism is the main industry in the Barbados economy contributing 50% of the foreign exchange earnings and contributing up to 70% of GDP when all tourism-related economic activity is taken into account. Employing over 73,000 persons directly and indirectly and therefore supporting additional thousands of persons while facilitating the exchange of history and experiences with over 1.1 million visitors, tourism is the industry that brings society and economy together.

The foreign exchange earned by this industry is the means by which we purchase items like exercise books, pencils, chalk, text books, newsprint, computers, printers, cell phones, shoes, cameras, among many other products.

Tourism businesses include guest houses, hotels, destination management companies, restaurants, craft vendors, taxi, catamaran, safari and other attraction operators, car rentals, and airlines, among others. Other businesses that derive significant benefit from tourism include farming, rum distilleries, banking, construction, insurance, night clubs, photographers, laundries, and spas. These tourism and indirect tourism businesses create room for entrepreneurs and many job opportunities.


The tourism industry is made up of a vast majority of career opportunities, ranging from traditional careers in hotels, restaurants and attractions, to more modern options which have developed through vital industry linkages and technological developments. These modern jobs include accountants, web designers, social media specialists, real estate agents, environmental officers, marine biologists and event planners. To have an idea of some of the career options available within the tourism industry, you can download our Explore Tourism Brochure here.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization has also developed a tourism career manual and career planning guide, which can be downloaded below


The development and sustainability of the industry is linked to the development of our future human resource.  Through our programs, such as STEP, we work to ensure that all students are exposed the industry in a way that promotes a positive attitude towards the industry. If you wish to be more involved in the BHTA, through student membership, the following are the requirements to be eligible:

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The Barbados Tourism and Information Awareness Tool

  • This Tool explains the Barbados tourism vision, the functions and roles of the industry and its overall importance to Barbados. It aslo seeks to add to the credo “tourism is everybody’s business” by taking the concept of hosting people on the island home to every Barbadian, making it clear that all are involved. 
  • This tool can be purchased from the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Secretariat.

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