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One of the many exotic flowers found throughout our island

The Green Corner

Green Globe Certification

Green Globe is an internationally recognised tourism and travel certification programme. This sustainable tourism initiative awards those business which practise environmental management, such as saving water and energy resources, reduction of operation costs, in addition to effectively contributing to local communities and their environs. Green Globe not only provides certification, but also training, education and marketing services to its members. For more information visit www.greenglobe.com. 

Below is a list of BHTA Members who have received the Green Globe Certification. 

Accommodation     Activities & Attractions
Accra Beach Hotel & Spa       Altantis Submarines Barbados
Amaryllis Beach Resort
Battaleys Mews (Island Villas Ltd.)
Blue Orchids
Bougainvillea Beach Resort
Coral Mist Beach Hotel
Divi Southwinds
Dover Beach Hotel
Sea-U Private Guest House
Southern Palms Beach Club & Resort  

In Process of Certification
Little Arches Boutique Hotel

For more information on caring for our environment click the below links:

Future Centre Trust – www.futurecentretrust.org

Green Guide for Everyday Living – www.thegreenguide.com


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