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Foul Bay, St. Philip


As a member of the BHTA you have the power to influence decisions that are made in the tourism industry which directly impact on your business.  Through networking, knowledge sharing, marketing and PR facilitation, technology innovation and access to cutting edge information, the BHTA helps you leverage your competitive advantage to achieve your corporate objectives.

As a member, you are part of a comprehensive network.  The strength of the Association is its members, and over the years, we have proved that there is strength in numbers.

At the BHTA our role is to aid, support and facilitate your ability to reach your target market, network with key decision makers, create opportunities for the growth and development of our business, voice your ideas and opinions, facilitate your advocacy, and to keep you up to date the current trends and information.

If you’re associated with the tourism industry in any way, you understand the need and the power of collaboration. Joining a hotel and tourism association to help you navigate and compete with the giants of the industry is simply good business sense.

The BHTA is not just another association with vague recommendations and toothless benefits.  We are the energy of a specialized group of people who are living the challenges of our times and are working together, strengthening key social partnerships, to find critical and effectual solutions.

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