One of the many exotic flowers found throughout our island


Team BHTA at Clean Up Barbados

The Clean Up Barbados is an annual event that is organised and implemented by the Future Centre Trust. Beginning in 2009, the event is linked to the Clean Up The World event. The initiative seeks to bring attention to the open spaces, beaches, gullies and roads of the island, to encourage public awareness to the reduction of littering and dumping that occurs in Barbados. Groups and individuals are invited to clean an area in need of attention.

On September 15th 2012, Team BHTA joined in on Clean Up Barbados with the responsibility to the Silver Sands Beach and Park.

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Green Team Training

In 2009 the BHTA embarked on a series of Green Team training across some of its membership. This training was aimed at providing employees with the know-how to reduce energy, water and other utility costs. Additionally, it also sought to improve environment management and reduce business related and individual costs.

Some of the topics included in the training were:


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