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Being a member of the BHTA puts you at the forefront of what is happening in the tourism industry.  It gives you direct access to the opportunities, tools and resources that you need to build your competitive advantage and succeed in the volatile and dynamic business environment in which we operate.  Become a CHTA member and secure your position at the forefront of the Caribbean hospitality industry. Select your membership category below and learn about the exciting opportunities that await you with the BHTA.  We believe that membership has its privileges.

Accommodation Membership - for accommodation properties: hotels, apartments, guest houses

Direct Tourism Membership
- for organizations and individual that operate within the tourism industry whose main income is derived from tourism.

Tourism Support Membership - for organizations and individual that support tourism businesses through the supply of goods and services whose main income is not derived from tourism.

Sustaining Membership - for businesses that are in the start up or building phase that want to participate in BHTA activities.

Overseas Membership - for businesses operating outside of Barbados you want to supply goods and services to BHTA members.

Student Membership
- for students at tertiary level who want to participate in BHTA activities and benefit from available resources.


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