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Over the last 25 years the Association has coordinated the efforts of managing the Barbados Culinary Team for competition purposes, as well as working with the Barbados Tourism Authority and other stakeholders on coordination the team members' representation at various promotional events and festivals hosted to market Barbados. 

The process of the Barbados Culinary Team covers two critical areas - marketing and product development.


The Barbados Culinary Team members, both past and present have represented Barbados locally, regionally and internationally at several events, both promotional and entertainment, both promotional and entertainment, these include:

  • Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival
  • Taste of Summer in New York
  • Taste of London
  • Taste of Barbados
  • Williams Sonoma in store promotions
  • Americas Chef Completion
  • Cooking on the NBC set
  • South Beach Food and Wine
  • Aspen Food and Wine
  • Barbados Expo in China
  • Expo in Belize
  • Barbados Expo in South Carolina
  • Barbados on the Water (Canada)
  • CTO Week in New York
  • Barbados Promotions in Europe and UK
  • BTA overseas mall and in-store promotions
  • Barbados Tourism Awards
  • Caribbean Cruise Association Conference

Product Development

The training chefs and bartenders receive as part of the Barbados Culinary Team in invaluable to giving them the ability to do mass catering, as well as outdoors catering, for several promotional events. Both types of catering require specialised skills as it invovles extensive food safety knowledge.

The Culinary Team has produced some of the best chefs and bartenders on the island, all of whom have grown professionally as a result of the process and who are currently leaders in the culinary industry of Barbados. Some of the stellar product include:

To view the list of achievements of the Barbados Culinary Team at the Taste of the Caribbean Competition over the last 10 years, click here.

This process has led to the development of the Culinary Alliance of Barbados, the Epicurean Product Club, Junior Duelling Challenge, Taste of Barbados Food Festival, the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival and Caribbean Mixology Guild. It has also stimulated greater interest from students in pursuing culinary arts e.g., our apprentice chefs for 2010 and 2011 were from Queen's College and St. Leonard's Secondary. Additionally, it aids in raising the profile of culinary arts in the public arena, as well as increase interest in epicurean pursuits locally, e.g., dining out and Gourmet Evenings.

Many of the team's chefs and bartenders are also contracted for high-end local events and promotions, and have established relationships with producers, such as Chickmont and Roberts Manufacturing to name a few, in product promotions. Mitchell Husbands is the hottest new "Bajan" Chef in Antigua and Jamaal Bowen is now the regional spokesman for Angostura Bitters. 


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