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Our History

The Association was established in 1952 as the Barbados Hotel Association (BHA).  It was the first hotel association in the Caribbean.

It was governed by a Committee of Management which comprised a group of tourism pioneers who determined that tourism was a viable sector within the Barbados economy which needed to be formalised. Our founders are as follows:

Chairman:     Winston B. Ward                -        Paradise Beach Club

Members:      A. M. Charlie Taylor            -        Hotel Royal

                     Mrs. Eileen Robinson          -        Bagshot House

                     Mr. Fred Goddard, MCP      -        Windsor Hotel

                     Mr. Peter Morgan               -        St. Lawrence Hotel

                     Mr. Arthur Brookes             -        Accra Beach Hotel 

The BHA worked closely with the Publicity Committee, a governmental committee responsible for all matters related to tourism.  At this time tourism was not formally recognised as an industry.  In 1960, facilitated by the BHA, the Publicity Committee became the Barbados Tourism Board (now the Barbados Tourism Authority).  

In 1957 the BHA was converted to a limited liability company. At the first Board of Directors meeting on April 1. 1957, the following persons were appointed to offices: 

President:                   Mr. Peter Morgan

Vice-President:           Mr. Fred Goddard MCP

Secretary Treasurer:   Mr. Arthur M. Jones J. P.

Directors:                    Mrs. Doris J. Parris (Supermare Hotel)

                                    Mr. A. M. Taylor (Hotel Royal)

                                    Mr. N. Mitchell (Colony Club)

                                    Mr. R. Ersham (Marine Hotel)

                                    Mr. W. B. Ward (Paradise) 

In 1959, the BHA played a leading role in establishing the forerunner of the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA), now the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association. 

In 1994, the name of the organisation was revised from the Barbados Hotel Association (BHA) to the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association (BHTA). This was to reflect the broadening scope of membership and to take cognizance of the fact that the tourism industry is not limited to the involvement of hotels only, but was all encompassing, embracing the non-accommodation sector as well.

Over the years, the Association has grown to enfold over 300+ accommodation and non-accommodation members. 

The accommodation members are categorised into three groups: 

  1. Luxury Class Hotels
  2. A Class Hotels
  3. B Class Hotels & Apartments

Our non-accommodation members are classified into two categories: 

  1. Direct Tourism Services – Entities whose main source of income is derived primarily from the tourism industry.
  2. Supporting Tourism Services – Entities whose main source of income is derived from providing goods and services to the tourism entities.


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