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Our Achievements

Service to our members is our #1 mandate.  The diversity of our membership base requires our involvement in many sectoral issues, both locally and internationally. We function like the nucleus in the cell of a global tourism industry. Driven by our mission to build strong strategic alliances and to stimulate development and proactive positive growth within our local tourism industry, we have seen significant achievements which assist with the individual success goals of our membership.

  1. Establishment of the School Tourism Education Program (STEP) which seeks to facilitate the ability of school teachers to experience and learn about our tourism industry through establishing relationships between schools and tourism businesses.

  2. Development of the Take Me to Barbados promotional package which replaced the Best of Barbados promotion.

  3. Launch of Barbados’ first official booking engine www.BookBarbadosNow.com to facilitate direct bookings for our member businesses.

  4. Creation of the first domestic tourism program in Barbados “Staycation Barbados” designed to facilitate more locals experiencing the tourism product.

  5. Lobbied for and participated in the construction of a new Tourism Incentives Act, a revision of the outdated Hotels Aids Act, to recognise that Tourism is all inclusive and spread fiscal benefits beyond the accommodation sector to include all tourism related businesses. Also to create a friendly climate to encourage local and foreign investment.

  6. Negotiated Value Added and Land tax concessions for the hotel industry.

  7. Lobbied for the establishment of a $30 million Tourism Investment Fund to establish the Small Hotels and Tourism businesses.

  8. Negotiated the $20 million Small Hotels Fund to facilitate the formation of the Small Hotels of Barbados Inc. group of small hotels, which trade under the brand of Intimate Hotels of Barbados and functions under the umbrella of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association.

  9. Establishment of a Crime Prevention Fund with the Tourism Development Corporation and the Barbados Tourism Authority, funding equipment for the Royal Barbados Police Force.

  10. Negotiated reduced WTO Bound Rates and suitable quotas aimed at reducing the cost which had a negative impact on the very high operating costs for our industry organisations.

  11. Lobbied against the first draft of the proposed Employment Rights Bill seeking modifications to the Bill, to create a more favourable operating environment for our member businesses and future international investment in our local tourism industry.

  12. Lobbied for the creation of a fast track model within Government which facilitates investment applications and entrepreneurship in the industry.

  13. The negotiation of the collective labour agreement between the Barbados Workers Union and our accommodation members. Current two year agreement ends on December 31st, 2012. New negotiations have commenced in 2012.

  14. The continual watchdog and lobbying action of our Safety and Security project team to ensure that we eliminate acts of violence against visitors. We work with our Government and the Royal Barbados Police Force, facilitating the acquisition of equipment to assist police officers, the provision of uniforms for Island Constables and Tourism Awareness training, in an effort to assist with a more effective fight against crime.

  15. Assisting with the creation of a BHTA / BTA Joint Marketing Initiative – intention to work jointly in creating a national marketing perspective for Barbados.

  16. The development of a tourism career awareness programme (TEAM) aimed at highlighting careers within the industry and sharing industry knowledge with the public. This program is now under the portfolio of the Ministry of Tourism.

  17. Adopt-a-School and support of the "Hello, Tourist!" programmes.

  18. The establishment of the Barbados Environmental and Sustainable Tourism (BEST) Programme in collaboration with PA Consulting Group, Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST) and the Tourism Development Corporation (TDC), aimed at promoting environmentally friendly practices to our members and the community.

  19. We had representation on the International Labour Organisation tour to Switzerland aimed at improving the human resource portfolio of the Hospitality Industry internationally and by extension Barbados.

  20. BHTA Training Fund which provides funds to train staff within the hospitality industry.

  21. Customer Service training programme for Restaurants, Police and other industry employees.

Some other achievements to date include: 


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